Business Outlaws – Jason Fladlien, Co-Founder of Rapid Crush Pt. 1 – 5

On this special two-part edition of Business Outlaws, learn how one man segued from being a monk to a rapper to a leading internet marketer who’s sold upward of $100 million in product via webinars. Chris Collins and BigMike are joined by Jason Fladlien, co-founder of Rapid Crush, a digital sales and marketing firm. Learn how becoming a monk and establishing chanting and meditation routines helped Fladlien overcome panic attacks and reach a higher level of focus, and how he transitioned to digital marketing and selling — including a single launch that sold $25 million worth of product. Listen as Fladlien, the Outlaws and host Jayme Foxx discuss Fladlien’s previous lives and how they inform his present-day success developing leading internet marketing campaigns. Other topics include backend work, developing a distinguished reputation, and controlling the narrative — and being open with your customers about it.
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