“Big Business Daddy” & the Dirty Business News with Diamond

Reading business news can get boring…but not if a sultry sex operator named is reading the headlines to you instead. That’s exactly why we brought on my new friend and phone sex operator Diamond to my radio show the Business Whisperer.

From time to time, we give Diamond a call and she takes us through the top business headlines of the day. Diamond’s prices keep going up but it’s worth it…it is my fetish, after all.

Here are the headlines she read on last week’s episode, all from top news stories:

Uber wants you to catch the bus or train if they can drive you there. Ride-sharing giant is forging links with public transit systems, seeking to move from being primarily a taxi-like service.

Asian skin care shakes up the U.S. beauty market. Upstarts and legacy cosmetic companies are looking at the skincare category to boost sales.

Apple bug enables eavesdropping on FaceTime users. The feature linked to the bug has been disabled but it is a setback for a tech company that touts its commitment to privacy.

Norwegian Air seeks cash injection. Norwegian Air wants to raise 3bn Norwegian kroner ($351m) through a rights issue to improve its finances.

Army vet says he was told not to wear Trump shirt at gym. Missouri man says he was told his Trump shirt made people “uncomfortable” and was asked not to wear it to the gym anymore.

But you don’t have to take it from me…you can find out what a difference it makes to hear the news dirty style right here. Full episodes of the Business Whisperer are here, too–you might just get lucky and hear an episode with Diamond on it.

If you want access to more business advice, check out the full episode of the Business Whisperer episode that this came from on iTunesSpotifyStitcher, or right here.

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