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CHRIS collins

is a business outlaw, trainer, and coach. He specializes in business performance and helping companies find new streams of revenue. Chris is the author of three books, including the Amazon bestseller, Gamification: Playing For Profits and the upcoming 101 Ways You Can Get Crazy Results In Your Business Right Now.

Chris Collins
Big Mike

MICHAEL "BIG MIKE" straumietis

is the founder and CEO of Advanced Nutrients, the No. 1 cannabis nutrients company in the world. Advanced Nutrients generates annual revenues of more than $105 million and is distributed in 100 countries worldwide. A cannabis grower and entrepreneur since 1983, BigMike has more than 2.5 million social media followers.

Chris, Jayme and BigMike

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John Doe
Manager/The Company

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Patrick Cole

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Sarah Levine

Business Outlaws – Finding Your Power with Photographer Jen Rosenstein – 12

Finding Your Power With Photographer Jen Rosenstein

Many self-employed artists struggle to command the respect — and competitive wages — they deserve. On episode 12, the Business Outlaws are joined by rock star photographer and author Jen Rosenstein to talk about taking control of the situation, underst…

Business Outlaws – Be a Customer-Focused Marketing Machine – 11

Business Outlaws 11

Regardless of what business you’re in, you must learn the art of marketing if you want to be truly successful. On this episode of Business Outlaws, BigMike and Chris Collins explain how to make yourself a customer-focused marketing machine — first, by …

Business Outlaws – Managing Relationships at High Levels of Success – 10

Chris, Jayme and BigMike

As you achieve greater heights of success, the dynamics in your relationships will change. On this episode, Chris Collins and BigMike talk about maintaining relationships with family members, friends, and even love interests as you break through higher…

Business Outlaws – Taking Out The Mind Trash – 9


Perhaps the most critical component to lasting business success is having the right mindset, which includes being able to take out the “mind trash” — that is, the self-doubt and self-defeating thoughts that often stem from childhood. On Episode 9, Chri…

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