Business Outlaws – The Five-Step Networking Formula With Larry Benet – 15

How do you create a meaningful and lasting connection with someone you just met — particularly if that person is highly influential or successful? On this episode of Business Outlaws, you’ll learn from Larry Benet how to network like a pro. Listen in as Larry, widely considered one of the top networking experts in the world, shares with BigMike, Chris Collins and host Jayme Foxx his five-step method for building long-lasting, valuable connections and creating a bank account full of relationship capital. Learn how to approach someone with whom you’d like to connect and become what Larry calls a VC — a value creator. You’ll also get to hear BigMike and Chris analyze their recent meeting with Tony Robbins based on Larry’s networking principles. Subscribe now, and keep up to date on each new episode as they’re released, plus visit for outtakes, photos, and to see everything that ended up on the cutting room floor.

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