Business Outlaws – What You Don’t Know About The 1% – 24

Roughly one out of every one-thousand Americans grosses over half-a-million dollars in annual income. In mainstream media, these people have been villainized as power-hungry one-percenters. But the truth is that the one-percent create the most jobs across the U.S. — and a lot of them worked their asses off to get where they are, contrary to popular belief.

On Episode 24, the Outlaws and Jayme Foxx are breaking down common misconceptions about the one-percent and revealing what mainstream media won’t tell you about them. Hear why most high net-worth people say “no” to deals far more often than they say “yes” — and learn exactly what they want to see from someone seeking an opportunity.

Listen to this episode to get the inside scoop on the one-percent and what you need to do to join their ranks. And, be sure to visit afterward to see full video of each episode plus other exclusive content. To see more of BigMike, Chris and Jayme, follow them on Instagram: @ChrisBulldogCollins, @BigMike and @JaymeFoxx.

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