Business Outlaws – Grow Your Business Through Customer Trust – 26

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful business venture. If you establish trust with your customers, they will come back to you, time and time again. On this episode of Business Outlaws, BigMike, Chris Collins and host Jayme Foxx discuss how you can grow your business by establishing a relationship with your customers that’s cultivated on a foundation of trust.

BigMike reflects on his humble beginnings in business and recounts his experience as a customer purchasing items for his business, noting how his privacy was not respected by vendors. When he launched his company, BigMike took the bad experience he had as a customer and turned it into a positive. He started shipping his products in discreet packaging to protect his customers’ privacy. By providing his clients with the respect he would’ve hoped for himself, he established a good reputation, thus growing his client base.

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