Business Outlaws – How To Keep Psychopaths And Sociopaths From Using You – 29

Psychopath. Sociopath. Narcissist. Codependent. Gaslighting. Triangulation. You’ve likely heard all these terms before, but can you accurately define them? More importantly, can you recognize them in yourself and in the people you interact with? In this episode of Business Outlaws, BigMike, Chris “Bulldog” Collins and host Jayme Foxx dive down the rabbit hole of Cluster B personality disorders and how they manifest in the business world.

Chris gives an anecdote about a point in his career where he was taken advantage of because he didn’t have the tools then to protect himself from a ruthless “business partner.” BigMike defines the terms listed above, giving examples from his own life and discussing strategies you should use to protect yourself from energy vampires who just want to use and abuse you in every area of your life, not just in your business.

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