Business Outlaws – The Primal Celebration Of Man – Burning Man – 25

Burning Man isn’t just a festival — it’s a community of brave souls who come together once a year in the Nevada desert. Each year, these like-minded individuals build a temporary city, at the middle of which sits a wooden effigy of a man. Then, by holy ritual, they watch “the Man” burn. In episode 25 of Business Outlaws, BigMike talks about his life-changing experience at this year’s burn in the Black Rock Desert and the humbling experience he had among the 70,000 Burners who gathered to set their art aflame.

On Episode 25, Chris Collins, BigMike and host Jayme Foxx discuss the true meaning of Burning Man and the parallels it draws to the cannabis community at large. BigMike talks about the Burning Man culture, from the ancient desert language passed down from one burn to the next, to the unique bartering and networking opportunities the gathering brings each year. BigMike says this year’s burn was a true, “primal celebration of man.”

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