Business Outlaws – Think You’re at a Disadvantage? Bet you Never Built an Empire After 13 Years in Prison – 30

How do you recover from an extreme setback, like going to prison? What’s your plan for rebuilding your life and your brand after you’ve hit rock bottom? In this episode of Business Outlaws, BigMike, Chris “Bulldog” Collins and host Jayme Foxx chat with “Freeway” Rick Ross, convicted drug trafficker who’s now rebuilding his life and business after spending 13 years in prison as part of a life sentence.

“No matter how low you get, you can always build yourself back up,” Ross says to the Business Outlaws during an honest look at his life. He goes on to explain to our hosts the importance of being thankful for what you have and recognizing the opportunities you’ve been given. He talks about how he got into illegal drug trafficking, the wins and losses he faced, and how he survived as the head of an illicit empire. Ross also discusses how he supported his community during the height of his drug-trafficking operation, receiving community support after making himself the solution to the challenges people in his neighborhood faced, such as poverty and hunger.

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